Bob Crowley’s original F.A.Q.

from the New55 FILM blog

General Questions

What is New55 FILM?

New55 FILM is a black-and-white peel-apart instant 4×5 film that offers both a fine negative and a positive print, too. New55 FILM is a preloaded single-shot film which is exposed in a special dedicated holder. The photographer’s handling workflow with New55 FILM at capture resembles the workflow experienced in the past with the discontinued single-shot preloaded films like old Polaroid Type 53, 55 and 59; or the Kodak “Readyload” and Fuji “Quickload” systems (pictured left).

What holder is New55 FILM designed for?

New55 FILM is designed to work only with the famous Polaroid 545 Land Film Holder. Otherwise called the “545,” this holder is a substantial metal construction with a silver processing lever. Many thousands of these holders were made in the heyday of instant film and remain in circulation in good working order. The 545i is the lighter-weight plastic version that also works for New55 FILM.

video: David Vonk (2013)

I love your Project. How can I help?

If you urgently wish to have a sustainable supply of New55 FILM (just like we do), then there are a few little things you can do to help the project:

  • participate in the Kickstarter campaign financially;
  • encourage others to be contributors in the Kickstarter campaign;
  • communicate through email, social media, voice & telephone;
  • use the New55 FILM when you get it — do not stockpile;

We know who will be interested in supporting the resurgence of a high-quality instant 4×5 material: people with 4×5 cameras who want to MAKE PICTURES as a means of EXPRESSION.

So, reach out to friends, family, colleagues, students, schools, galleries, museums, curators; let them know about New55 FILM and communicate why you feel it is important to have this special material available and in production.

Where can I buy New55 FILM?

New55 FILM is not available for sale yet. As we make progress toward production, the best way to find the answer to this question and many others is to join our mailing list [link].

Also, the New55 Facebook page is a good place to join the conversation with members of the New55 FILM community.

How much does New55 FILM cost?

There is no per-sheet price associated with the Kickstarter campaign because the campaign is dedicated to funding the specification, assembly machinery and components for the manufacturing run of New55 FILM “First Edition.”  New55 FILM’s Kickstarter project is not a pre-sales initiative.

How many do you get for that amount of money?

A box will contain 5 sheets, at least throughout the life of the “First Edition.”  (Sheets would not be sold individually.)

Do you have any test film available?

To spare cost and maintain fairness New55 FILM does not distribute test film.

When does production start if the Kickstater project has been a success?

Some time after the Kickstarter burden has been shipped, subject to sufficient orders.

Where do I go for customer service?