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How to properly clean a fireplace insert pane

Cleaning a chimney also involves cleaning the insert window, which tends to darken very quickly. Many tips, adapted to all budgets and the state of your window, exist for an effective result.

To keep a flawless insert window , be sure to clean it regularly. However, there are more suitable woods to avoid having to do it after each use. So, prefer hard woods such as oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, fruit and avoid chemically treated wood (agglomerates) and softwoods. Also, make sure that the wood you burn is perfectly dry and that it is firewood .


  • The first and most economical solution is newsprint . Simply moisten it, soak it in the ash and rub it. Ash acts as an abrasive and removes traces very well;
  • Another solution is to apply the product for the oven on the glass, to let it act and to rub with a sponge;
  • Also try the window cleaner that has been proven on lightly dirty windows;
  • You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and salt . Spray the mixture on the glass, let it work and rub with a sponge;
  • Another effective tip is to dilute soda lye with water (5/100) and spray the mixture on the glass. Leave on and rub with a cloth;
  • You can also prepare a homemade product . In a bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of white Troyes (or Spain, or white Meudon , or pure ash) for the abrasive. Add 1 spoonful of ammonia (to dissolve the tars), 1 spoonful of alcohol (shine), white vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid (wetting agent). Fill with water. Spread by rubbing this mixture on the glass with a soft sponge, then rinse with clear water and wipe dry.
  • Finally, you can clean your insert window with a steam cleaner . Very easy to use, this solution is very effective and soot reappears after several outbreaks.

Namely: the cleaning will be more efficient and faster if the insert pane is hot, or at least warm. In addition, for really stubborn stains, you can use a squeegeecommonly used for cleaning ceramic hobs.

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